February in Review

Happy Leap Day! And also, Happy Half Birthday to me! My half Birthday only comes along on Leap Years, so I am celebrating today! Also, I’m reflecting on my February and using this extra day to ponder some March goals.

-Complete FAB AB FEBRUARY!-fail! Luckily, I have a new plan for March!

-Do one long run outside per week (4 total)- 50% success, I did 2 runs outside but I did do a lot of runs inside at my gym’s track (three within the past week alone!)

-Do weights 2x/week and as much cross training as possible- Another 50% success rate. I’ve been doing weights once a week and a TON of yoga. (at least twice a week) So I would say my focus has shifted a bit.

– Keep tracking what I eat- Another fail, giving this another go for March!

-Address and send my save the dates by 3/2-Done and done! 

-Finally, lose four pounds!!! This will be half a pound more than in January. I just need to step it up a bit to reach this goal!-We will see about this! I am weighing myself on Friday morning because it’s the 6 month mark until our wedding. Stay tuned!

All in all, February was a decent month. I had some trouble motivating myself to stick to my goals, but once I took the pressure off myself and nixed half marathon training I am feeling much, much more motivated! The past two weeks have been very good and I am hoping this motivation level continues into March.

As for March? Stay tuned for my goals tomorrow! I am getting very motivated and with the 6 month mark approaching, I am thinking it is GO TIME!!! 🙂

Now tell me about your month! Did you accomplish your goals? Or, like me, are you ready for a new month? Or both! Please share!


6 responses to “February in Review

  1. you are totally motivating me to do a sit up or two. And that, my friend, is impressive.

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  3. runcourtneyrun

    I totally failed at Fab Ab Feb too! I’m trying it again for March and if I actually complete it, I’ll do the March challenge in April. lol

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