Wedding Wednesday

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Happy Wednesday! Today I am talking about desserts and crossing my fingers this post will not give me sugar cravings all day! 🙂

One underlying theme for our wedding that I am carrying throughout is family. Of course, the whole point of the wedding is joining and two families together and starting our own little family! Since there are so many family members that are important to us that cannot be there, we want to be able to honor them. We will do this with pictures, the favors and many other details. Another way I want to do this is with the desserts!

Our dinner will be an informal BBQ style dinner outside, followed by dessert and dancing inside the barn. For dessert, my plan is to have four family recipes (two from each side) for everyone to enjoy. I also think it would be cute to have recipe cards out for people to take home!

The hardest part for this is going to be organizing this so I think my best bet is going to be assigning one person per recipe that’s responsible for making that dessert and then another person to gather them up and deliver. This will include figuring out the costs, the scheduling, the amounts and the other little details. However, I think I can pull it off!

The other thing I am thinking about is having a small cake for Rich and I to cut with two layers, one to cut and one to freeze for our anniversary. But would it be rude to not serve this cake to our guests? What do you think?

If you are married, what did you serve at your wedding for dessert? Did you do the traditional cake cutting in front of your guests? If you are not married, how important is the dessert to you? Do you usually eat a piece of cake? (or two?) Any other cool dessert ideas out there? Please share!


5 responses to “Wedding Wednesday

  1. Such a beautiful idea! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!
    Absolutely NOT rude to have your own small cake. I’ve seen this done often and it makes so much sense, cost wise and also making sure not to waste.

  2. I also love the idea of lots of different pies; I wanted to do that, but December didn’t really make me think of fresh fruit pies. Your time of year, however… 🙂
    Katie, I am loving reading about your wedding plans/ideas and just keeping up with you here. Thank you for sharing everything with us here.

    • Of course!!! 🙂 Pies sound good! I wonder if there is a family pie recipe! So far I have thought of my Grandma Rzepecki’s cheesecake, Dorothy cake from the Trapnell side and Rich’s Mom’s poundcake and lemon squares!

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