Take Time Tuesday

Good morning! It is absolutely beautiful here in Chicago! It’s looking like Spring and for that I am very grateful!

Here are some other things I am grateful for today.

-Getting back out and running!

From Kim

My 4.5 mile run on Saturday felt great and I have to admit that’s the longest I have run since the marathon. I was somewhat burnt out before but on Saturday it felt awesome to run! With the Spring weather approaching the run bug is officially back. 🙂

-Things that make me laugh

from Some E Cards

This is so true! I also loved the SNL parody of Real Housewives this past week. So funny!

-New Recipes

On Sunday, I usually make a few recipes to have on hand to pack for lunches during the week. I am a little sick of soup so I went searching for some new recipes this week. This Kale salad and this Chicken salad recipes are keepers! Yum!



I have been having major stomach issues lately which have lead me to believe that I have become Lactose Intolerant. I’m going to the Doctor in a few weeks, but until then I am cutting out dairy. It’s been two days and I have had zero stomach issues so far! I have a major ice cream tooth and I picked up Trader Joe’s Non Dairy Frozen Treat in strawberry this past weekend. So good and half the calories of ice cream! (so you can have double the amount)

Tell me one thing you are grateful for today! Then get out there and enjoy the day! 🙂 


6 responses to “Take Time Tuesday

  1. So happy to hear you are getting your running mojo back! This weather does help!

    I need to try that coconut milk ice cream from TJ’s. They have anotehr vegan one – chocolate with cherry. So good!

    I am grateful that my car worked today so I could come downtown to work. LOL.

  2. I did some self-diagnosing and I think I’m sort of lactose intolerant. Certain things bother me – like cow’s milk – but usually things like yogurt and ice cream are fine. I stick to soy milk and keep a stash of “dairy digest” pills on hand for anything questionable. However, regardless, the coconut ice cream from Trader Joe’s is delicious!!!!! I love the chocolate.

  3. I’m grateful that I *can* run. I’ve been so negative lately about my training and really getting down on myself because I’m not where I’d like to be in terms of mileage and speed…But I’m so grateful that I can run – there are so many people that don’t have that luxury. So today I’m going to just focus on that and be positive!

    • This is awesome!!! I totally feel this way, I am constantly comparing myself to others and most of all myself. It’s better to be positive and focus on what you CAN do! My yoga instructor always says “do your best for YOUR body on this day” and points out this will be different from day to day. So true!

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