Thursday Tune-Up

Remember when I said I had got a library card? Well, since then I have been checking out CD after CD to add music to my collection (it’s legal that way!). This past week, I stumbled upon a “band” called the Vitamin String Quartet, who are a group of classically trained musicians that are known for doing tributes to popular artists.

The CD I checked out was their version of Lady Gaga-which is awesome! I am definitely on the hunt to find more. I am sucker for anything “re-done” meaning acoustic versions of popular songs (have you ever heard The Fray’s version of Kayne West’s Heartless? Love it), mash-ups (example-DJ Jew Boy) and now I am obsessed with classical versions of popular songs. For me, I do best when I listen to relaxing music while running to keep my pace down. Otherwise, I run to the beat and go way too fast! (skating drilled this into me)

Another tune-up happening today? My shoes!!! I have not purchased new running shoes since the Marathon and have been rotating my two pairs of running shoes. (Brooks Adrenaline and Asics Kayano 16) I am definitely in need of some new shoes. Since Rich is training to run the Race to Wrigley with me, I gently pushed him (i.e. forced) him to get new running shoes. His shoes were old and broken down, and since he has flat feet, I wanted to make sure he did not get hurt!


So, we went to Rogan’s Shoes and got our shoes at buy one get one half off! Since we both have been fitted for running shoes, we purchased what we know works for us. I am trying Asics’s Cumulus per Kim‘s suggestion since they are the less expensive version of the Kayano. We can return the shoes after wearing as long as we don’t wear them outside, so will be trying them out at the gym’s track tonight!

What’s your current favorite running song? Do you run to slow or fast paced music? Also, do you purchase the same running shoes time and time again? Do tell!


5 responses to “Thursday Tune-Up

  1. I love the Vitamin String Quartet! They do some really cool fall out boy covers!!!

  2. That song is so cool! I love stuff like that, especially since I used to play the violin. They did an awesome job!

    I tend to run to pop.

    I hope you are loving the new shoes! Ignore my question in the other post asking about the color. It’s taking me awhile to get through all the posts in my reader 🙂

    I’ve been wearing the Cumulus shoes since October of 2010 🙂

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