March Week One Check-In

Now that the first week of March is over, I also thought it would be a good idea to check in with my March Goals.

Fitness Goals:
-Complete MAD ABS MARCH! This is continuation of my February goal. I plan on completing each daily workout before bed every night.- Fail! I have been focusing on going to bed on time and the extra few minutes have not been there. However, the yoga I have been doing has been great core work, so I am proud of that.
-Step outside my comfort zone and go to a group run with the Grayslake Running Club with Kim. I am going this Saturday, I’m nervous but I think this is what I need in my life!-Done and done! My next goal should be go actually join the club.
-Do one “speed work” run per week to prep for the Race to Wrigley 5K.-Sure! I did run with the group this past weekend and kept a good clip for me the entire time. Also, I did some sprinting within those two miles last night.
-Focus more on weights and cross training. Anyone ever tried the New Rules to Weight Lifting for Women plan? I am thinking about doing it.-Yoga yes, weight lifting no. I need to find a great plan to start next week in addition to all the cardio and yoga I have been doing. Any suggestions?
-Attend one morning spin class per week-this goal is a result of my general February slump. My workload has increased this year, and with that I am exhausted when I get home. It’s been a struggle for me to workout at night so I think I need to try a new approach! I love spin and there are classes offered at my gym at least five days a week in the morning. So, this goal is doable!-Not yet, but I have plans to attend a weekend class soon so that should count!

Nutrition Goals:
-Focus on tracking what I eat. Tracking what I eat=weight loss. Enough said!-I am proud to say I have been rocking at this! I have tracked everything I have eaten the past 4 days, am on track today and am focusing on doing this while I am in Michigan this weekend. It will help keep me in check!

Other Goals
-As far as the wedding, my March goals include registering for gifts, working on the invitations and other paper goods, starting to coordinate the desserts and getting the ball rolling with the flowers. It’s a lot, so I plan on taking one thing at a time!-I am succeeding on taking one thing at a time! This week I put the deposit down for invitations so the design process has started. Next task is happening next week!
-Get in a consistent bedtime/wake up schedule. I have a feeling this will help me get into a better groove with my workouts!-Also doing a wonderful job of this! The key is planning ahead, having Rich make dinner (thank you Rich!) and also leaving work on time. I was right, this has helped my workouts! If I stay in the groove and go to the gym straight from work, everything else seems to fall into place.

Why the massive recap of my week? Well, I am finally feeling motivated and am super determined to see results. Last Friday when I weighed myself, I was only down half a pound from 2/2. I was disappointed in this and decided to give myself one more week to weigh-in. Sure enough, every day this week I have maintained this loss but have not lost any more weight.

Long story short? I am ready to step it up. On 4/2/12 (the five month mark), I am going to see better results. I get married in 5 months, 22 days and on that day I want to feel my best yet. 🙂


3 responses to “March Week One Check-In

  1. You are doing really well! What is your weight loss goal by the wedding? I think you mentioned it before, but I do not recall. (not trying to be nosy, just asking since you mentioned you are maintaining)

    I really really love my strength class and think that would be awesome for you for strength! I will ask again if they are going to have a later class in April 🙂

    Join the club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • I have about 26 pounds I want to lose left before the wedding. I’ve lost 4 lbs. since 2.2…I need to step it up!!!

      The strength class I would be down for. Keep me updated!

      And, ok I will! 🙂

  2. I will keep you updated on the class! 🙂 I hope it actually happens, now that I keep mentioning it to you 🙂

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