Take Time Tuesday

Good Morning! It is an absolutely beautiful morning today and they are predicting this weather is going to last all week here in Chicago!

Here are some things I am grateful for this beautiful Tuesday.


Taken last Summer during one of my long runs. It’s just as pretty today!

-Of course, the weather! I enjoyed running outside last night and it was awesome. The weather is really motivating me to get out there which is exactly what I needed.

-As always, great friends and family. This past weekend I was in Michigan and it was so nice to see so many of them. 🙂

-New found motivation! I think I have a new goal in mind which I will share soon. Always good to have new goals!

-Appreciating and respecting my body. Having trouble doing the same? Check out this great article at Positively Positive.

I hope you have an opportunity to enjoy your Tuesday and be grateful! There’s always something to be grateful for, so share with me! What are you grateful for today?

8 responses to “Take Time Tuesday

  1. I’m sooooo grateful for this awesome weather! It’s so nice to run outside again and be able to feel my fingers!

  2. Are you from Michigan? I’m from the Detroit suburbs…

    And how AMAZING has the weather been 🙂

  3. great article, i needed that!

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