Take Time Tuesday

Good Morning! It’s a beautiful first day of Spring here in Chicago and for that I am grateful! Here are some other things I am grateful for this week.

On Sunday, Rich and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went on a nice little 10 mile bike ride. It was awesome!


This weekend, I finally found the new Luna bar flavor! I have been looking for weeks and was way too excited. However, it was worth it because I absolutely love it! The flavor combination is perfect.

I’m grateful that Easter is coming and that means my Dad will be visiting. I love that he’s able to visit often and always look forward to his visits. I will be hosting an Easter brunch, so I am already planning our meal and this past weekend decorated a bit to get in the spirit.

This Saturday I am looking forward to attending the Chicago Running Bloggers meet-up. Which is perfect timing because this is my first week of half marathon training part two! Yep, I did it again. Details to follow!!!

Happy Spring! Hopefully you can find a few things to be grateful for and put a little more spring in your step! 😉


3 responses to “Take Time Tuesday

  1. Yay for the meet-up!

  2. I love that your dad is coming and you get to host! Are Rich’s parents coming too?

    I love the new flavor. Choc dipped coconut is still my fave, but this is provbably #2!

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