North Shore Half Long Run One

Surprise! I’ve done it again! After opting out of the Chi Town Half Marathon this upcoming Sunday, I decided to give it another go! North Shore Half Marathon here I come!

Since I decided not to train for Chi Town, my workouts have been fabulous! Taking off the pressure of having to train for a race was all I needed to get my groove back. Add two weeks of beautiful weather and I was straight up motivated! The past several weeks have been great and I have finally gotten into the swing of commuting and having a consistent workout schedule. (it only took me five months!)

I spent the last several weeks building up my running base and now am back to running with ease. After the marathon, I was pretty burnt out and did not run more than once a month for all of November and December. So, it was important to work myself back up to running longer distances.

This time around I feel much more ready! After much research, I found this plan for advanced beginner half marathons and it really seems like something I can follow. I decided that after almost three years of being a “runner,” it was time to move on to a more advanced plan. That alone has me feeling motivated! I plan to do at least one day of strength training, one day of cross training and one day of yoga in addition to three runs. After the past few weeks and my current motivation level, I am thinking this is doable.

This time around, I am going to document each long run in hopes that I learn from the previous run. So without further adieu…


What I ate: a huge coffee with cream and sugar and a honey stinger waffle a few hours before the run, a peanut butter and jelly and a bagel thin about an hour before, a Nuun and lots of water


What I wore: Proud to Run short sleeve tech t-shirt, Lululemon biker groove shorts (my favorite running shorts), a Champion coat to and from the run (not during)


and my Asics Cumulus shoes!


Who I went with and Where we went: Rich joined me and we went to Independence Grove in Libertyville, I treated him to an iced tea after our runs and he was obviously thrilled

Run Stats:
50:01 with warm up/cool down
4.12 miles
12:09 average overall page
Mile one: 10:56
Mile two: 12:15
Mile three: 12:56
Mile four: 10:56

Thoughts: It felt easy to do the distance, but I got bored in the middle and slowed down a bit as I was searching for different music to keep me occupied (note to self: need a new playlist). Looking back, I went too fast in the beginning and tuckered myself out in the middle and then re-motivated myself once I found good music for the last mile. I need to work on staying consistent with pace for my long run next week!

So what do you think, any key elements to my long run recap I should be keeping track of? Anyone else running the North Shore Half Marathon?


8 responses to “North Shore Half Long Run One

  1. I’ve done this race a few times. Great course but hilly. You will like it.

  2. I’ve done this race a few times. Great course but with a few hills. You will like it. Good luck!!

  3. So happy you got your groove back! YAY! I think 5 mos is a short amount of time to figure out the new workout schedule. That train ride… drains you! Your new plan looks good! And I love your shoes!!! The laces are so fun 🙂

    I think you are tracking all the right things for your long run. I also like to track the temperature too!

    • That’s a good idea! I do AWFUL in the heat so that would be a good thing to track. I’m happy I got my groove back too! I think meeting all the bloggers helps SO much!

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