The Weekend


Friday night we went up to Wisconsin to see our friends’ band, The Disregarded Stars, play the The Brat Stop. They band was awesome, the crowd was unbelievably eccentric and Rich and I even got some delicious fish fry sandwiches, cheese curds and some Sprecher sodas. On Friday, we had eight days left until we could drink alcohol again!


After the concert, we went across the street and did our grocery shopping at Woodman’s. Woodman’s is awesome, the prices and selection cannot be beat! I think we’ll be traveling there more often to shop! Maybe not at 10:00pm on a Friday, but we’ll be going again for sure!


On Saturday I got my hair done! It was overdue and I felt so much better after! It’s amazing how such a small change can completely turn how you feel about yourself around. 🙂


I went to a new hair lady which was a bit scary for me since I’ve been going to the same woman in Chicago for the past four years and the same woman growing up for about ten years before that! However, I loved my new hair lady and she gave me the most amazing tip for my fine hair-parting it to the side on a diagonal! It gives my hair an instant lift and allows the hair to fall evenly on each side, such a simple tip but oh so effective!


On my way home from my appointment I stopped and picked up some deliciousness for myself at Trader Joe’s. Some coconut frozen treat and a Dark Chocolate with caramel and sea salt bar. Holy yum!


We also hit up Menard’s and purchased new ceiling fans, our finishing fixtures for our second bathroom (the renovation should be done this week, so excited) and a medicine cabinet! This was our Saturday night. Oh how no drinking has changed our weekend plans! 🙂


Saturday night dinner was a new recipe, which I will share this week! High protein and delicious pasta wraps!

Sunday began with an awesome five mile run!


Then, we started our registry for our wedding! Check out our everyday dishes we picked out. They are the same as my cousin Brian and Amanda’s. We saw them at their house around Christmas and fell in love with them so we copied. 🙂


Sunday night dinner was Chicken Tikka Masala. I made it in my slow cooker with this recipe and served it with white rice, peas and Naan (from Trader Joe’s). YUM! It was the perfect end to a long day. 🙂


2 responses to “The Weekend

  1. WOODMANS IS THE BEST! Whenever i go to WI, i always smuggle back spotted cow from new glarus brewery – have you had it??

    Love the hair! 🙂

    • Yes, I have!!! I think we actually may go up there again this weekend to stock up on good beer. My fiancé and I are HUGE beer geeks and gave up booze for Lent…so needless to say this weekend will be drinking some drinks. 🙂

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