Take Time Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Today I was in a good mood from the moment I woke up. This rarely happens! The main reason was because I slept like a rock after an awesome run. I love when that happens.

This morning, everything just feel into place. Lunches were easy to pack due to Easter leftovers, I was rested, got to get ready in my new bathroom and my commute was painless!


Plus the weather today was beautiful! Although, it was a bit chilly so I preferred to look at the sunshine through my window. 🙂

This great mood continued through my day. I was productive and got a lot of work done and my eating was in control the whole day. I even tracked every bite of my day on My Fitness Pal. Because I was so productive at work, I left a whole three minutes (this is huge for me) early and made an earlier train then normal which meant I made a 6:30pm spin class at my gym. The class was awesome, and I pushed myself by visualizing the clock at the finish of the Race to Wrigley on Saturday. Cheesy, but it worked! My legs were burning and I got my heart rate up all the way to 190 during the sprints!

When I got home from the gym, I whipped up a healthy, quick and easy new recipe which was a total win! I packed the leftovers for tomorrow’s lunches and then had some time to watch last night’s How I Met Your Mother and relax with Rich.

Why do I post every menial detail of my day? Simply because, today was one of those days I wish I could bottle up and save for bad day. Hopefully, this post will remind me how much a good workout can set the tone for a good week. When I work out, I am happier. Simply put! I sleep better, am more motivated at work, eat better and feel great all around. So to my future unmotivated self, remember this day!!! Remember this feeling!

So here’s to a great Tuesday and a great rest of the week! How was your Tuesday? Were you in as great of a mood as I am in? Or did you need a little dose of my mood? I have enough to share! Am I annoying you with my peppiness? I am annoying myself a bit and am off to rest my still burning legs. Hopefully I have enough peppiness to last me through tomorrow and perhaps the rest of the week! Goodnight!


6 responses to “Take Time Tuesday

  1. Glad you had such a great day! My Tuesday was good too, worked my way thru a long to-do list, had an ugly run, and en even uglier workout. But hey I DID it and it felt good afterwards. Bonus, I slept sound. Hope the rest of your week is just us great.

  2. ahhhh, i love those days! I think it all starts with the good nights sleep. so rare and wonderful! 😀

  3. I love this post! This is how working out + eating right makes me feel too! HYPER and peppy! I hope the rest of your week is going as awesome as Tuesday! 🙂 My Tuesday was great but would have been a little better if I would have been able to see a certain someone… 😛

    • Ugh! I agree! I am so bummed I missed out. I think we should plan a run at Independence Grove within the next few weeks. I can be there by 6:20 changed and ready to run! We can eat at Wisma after! YUM!

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