Wedding Wednesday

The past few days I have gone over my massive to-do list and am really feeling like I am on track with wedding planning! In a very “Katie” style, I created an Excel spreadsheet with my to-list broken up into tabs by month. Just like my long runs, breaking it into checks helped me to mentally manage how far I have left to go. Of course, there is a ton left to do but it’s looking more and more manageable every day. Now, I am starting to think of all the fun parts which are the details! Also, the most important part for me!

This morning I asked my cousin Megan to be my “sign maker.” She’s super creative and a great artist so I’m really excited for her to help out! She’s excited, inspired and most of all really looking forward to doing the projects. I’m excited too, because I can trust her and because it takes something off my plate!

Check out my “signage” inspiration…




I hope you are all enjoying my Wedding Wednesday posts! It’s been a good way for me to think about one thing at a time and also I think will be fun to look back on after the wedding. 🙂

Enjoy your Wednesday!


3 responses to “Wedding Wednesday

  1. I love all the signs! I cannot wait to see what Megan comes up with!

    Did I tell you that Steven enjoyed planning our wedding so much that he thought about marketing the spreadsheet he made to other people planning their weddings?

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