A Special Friday Friend!

Happy Weekend all! Tomorrow is the big race day for Rich and I and we’re both excited! We ate a delicious scampi I made using my usual recipe and are now resting up! Soon we’ll be off to bed because we have to wake up bright and early to head downtown. It will be fun to hang out in my old neighborhood and hopefully for both of us to PR!

I asked Rich to write a little blurb for the blog and he happily wrote, “Hi, My Name is Rich. I’m excited for my first 5K tomorrow. I like turtles.” But then, he decided to get a bit more detailed. 🙂 

Here we are last year seconds after we got engaged.

“Hi, my name is Rich. I am getting ready for my first 5k tomorrow. I had originally started training 9 weeks ago. I was doing the couch to 5k program from Cool Running. They same week I started running I also started lifting. Unfortunately, I made a very rookie mistake, despite having have played sports and lifted in the past. I was not being cautious while doing squats and went far beyond how low was safe to go. My knee felt very sore but I thought nothing of it. The next day, when I did my run, it grew increasingly painful. I tried to take a few days off then try again but alas, it did not get better.

After giving myself several weeks rest I began training again approximately two weeks ago. At that point I began the couch to 5k again. Of course, this was meant to be run three days a week over a nine week period. SO, I ran week one on day one, week two on day two and week three on day three. This continued up until week five. At week five I ran day one, two (which meant ten minute run, three minute walk and ten minute run) and finally day three.
Yesterday was the third day, in which I was supposed to run two miles. I walked my five minute warm up to complete .3 miles. I then proceeded to run to a total distance with my walk to two miles. At that point I decided I was already at 2.3 miles so why not make it a full 2.5. Finally when I hit 2.5 I thought, I am only six laps away and I went to the full 3.1! It was my first time to this distance in several years!

I am excited to run the 5k tomorrow. It is a big step. At work today it was announced that we will be starting a biggest loser competition at work with the first prize being a $400 Visa gift card. I will use this as motivation to lose more weight, however, I have never agreed with cutting weight just for the purpose of dropping. In my opinion fitness and health and tone should take priority over a specific weight. Regardless, I will be participating, and hope to continue to do updates as I move through the process to greater health. My goal in two months is to be the best fiancé I can be so that I can look great at our wedding and beyond for my wonderful and beautiful Katie.”

Here’s Rich after spectating the Chicago Marathon. Spectating is hard work!

Thanks to my amazing fiancé for writing a special guest post for me! I’m very proud that he is following through his goal to do his first 5K and I can’t wait to see him at the finish line! It means a lot to me that he decided to take up running and I hope he enjoys it enough to do another with me someday! 🙂


2 responses to “A Special Friday Friend!

  1. LOVE this! Good luck to you both this morning! (and spectating is HELLA hard work – my hubs is so with you on this one!)

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