Race to Wrigley 2012

Well, I did it!!! Today I raced a personal record 5K at the Race to Wrigley 5K and checked off one of my goals for 2012!


Rich and I woke bright and early and headed to Chicago for the race. We found parking about a half a mile away from Wrigley field easily, picked up our packets, walked back to our car to get ready and attach our bibs and D-tags and then used the Porta-a-poties before heading to the start.


There were thousands of people in line at the start and this just added to our excitement. We pumped ourselves up and listened to the National Anthem and “Take me out to the Ball Game.” With a “play ball!,” we were off! It took me about 3 minutes and the race was very crowded but I was able to hold onto a 9:51 pace for the first mile. I knew that I had to beat a 10:01 pace so I set “average pace” as one of the fields on my Garmin so I could keep track. I decided to coast through the second mile and then really push myself for the last mile. I finished the second mile in 10:08 and after that my average pace was around 10:00 so I knew I had to hold on to beat my personal record. I wasn’t sure how hard I could push myself and was getting a bit tired around mile two but kept pushing knowing there was only a mile left. When I got to the stadium I booked it and sprinted the last 0.1 mile at 7:27 pace! When I crossed the finish I knew I had a PR but double checked at the computer monitors and it was true!

The computer monitors at the finish were a great perk because you could punch in your bib number and get your results instantaneously! My official time for the race was 30:53, which is 15 seconds away from my 31:08 PR in 2009. It feels good that I know I have gotten in better shape and I am excited for the progress that is sure to come with more work!

Luckily I got back to the finish line in time to see Rich speed by! Check him out!

We had so much fun and were both really proud of ourselves! Rich ran the entire time and I had a PR, we were beaming!


After the race we drove over to Wicker Park to have brunch at The Southern. Since we were a little early and The Southern was not open, we walked around for a little bit and went to two of my favorite stores, Francesca’s Collections and Lululemon!

At Lululemon, I bought myself a little PR gift!!


An Amphipod for Lululemon handheld water bottle! I saw it online a few weeks ago and knew it sold out, so I was super happy when I found it and treated myself! (anyone else watch Community?)


Then it was time for brunch!


The brunch was a total comfort food fest and we ate 26.2 miles worth of calories, but it was so worth it! We began our brunch and split the homemade doughnut holes. They were amazing!


I ordered the fried chicken which rocked. It was also really good for leftovers around 3:00pm when we got home and I got the running munchies! 🙂


Rich got the house made bacon which was oh so good! The collard greens that came along with it were amazing also!


Then I dragged Rich to Black Dog Gelato, which was right around the block. I’ve always wanted to go and it was so worth the wait!



All in all it was a great day! I’m proud of our accomplishments and had so much fun in the race! And of course, I enjoyed milking my PR and celebrating all day! 🙂 You only live once!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Rich’s race recap!!!

10 responses to “Race to Wrigley 2012

  1. Congratulations!! What a great day for you! Can’t wait to read Rich’s take on it 🙂

  2. Great job, and great celeberation. Funny I was gonna drag my husband to Black Dog yesterday too, but we ran out of time. Love that place.

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  4. What a fun day! Congrats on your PR! You both did so well! Is Rich going to keep running?! 🙂

    • I hope so! I keep asking him if he caught the bug. He was really excited and said he had fun and it was “so cool”…so I think if I keep biking, he will keep running!

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