Successful Sunday

Sunday was a fun and productive day!

It started out with some cleaning, a delicious omelette made for me by my fiancé, a hectic trip to the grocery store and a long trip to Bed Bath and Beyond to finish our registry! Did anyone else feel like registering was the most tedious process ever? Or is it just us?

We’re almost done, but it sure was exhausting! 🙂


The day was finished up at our neighbor Jackie’s where we grilled out. I can’t remember the last time I had a burger, it tasted amazing!


And she made a homemade pie. She rocks!

One thing that did not happen? My long run. On my plan this week was 7 miles. Originally I had planned on skipping my long run this week because of the 5K but I had planned to run Sunday morning with my friend Denise because she is training too. When I woke up, it was storming and Denise was not into it either. So, an 8 mile date is scheduled for next Sunday. I’m not really worried about it! I am committed to the plan and know I can run 8 miles next Sunday no problem.

Have you ever skipped a long run on a plan? Did it hurt your training or was it good for your mental game? Were you able to stay on track?


8 responses to “Successful Sunday

  1. Does that homemade pie have little stars on it??! That’s so cute! Yummm nothing beats a homemade pie 🙂

  2. I have skipped MUCH longer runs then that and had no problems. I think thats why training plans are so long, because life will always get in the way at one time or another 🙂 If anything, the break is always nice!

  3. Love looking at your registry! I don’t remember it as being tedious, but definitely time-consuming. The most tedious for me was the invitations, mostly because I’m so particular when it comes to graphics and design, and the vendor we used didn’t fully “get” what I wanted 🙂 Eventually they did, but it was painstaking. I know, trivial, but it was one of the things I cared about most 🙂

  4. Ugh. Steven did our registry and it was a lot of work! I was happy he did it 🙂 And happy yours is finished!!!

    I’ve had to skip long runs (18 milers) because of family emergencies twice. Both times, I did 18 one week then 20 the next and that threw off my legs. But I was okay 🙂

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