Wedding Wednesday

I am seriously struggling this week to figure out what day it is. Yesterday seemed like Thursday and today I have no idea what day it is. All I know is, tomorrow is Friday and we’re almost to the weekend!

So, yesterday was Wednesday and I planned on talking about my Bachelorette party but instead I am going to share this today!

Rich, Me and My Dad about a minute after Rich proposed

Truth me told, I do not know much about my actual Bachelorette Party! The only thing I know is the location, which is my best family friends’ lake house! The lake house is where Rich proposed, so it is a very fitting location. Also, it will be relaxing which is exactly what I wanted in my Bachelorette party! I am very excited to spend a weekend there with ten or so of my best friends!

My kindergarden best friend and bridesmaid Val and I about two minutes after Rich proposed and Rich celebrating in the background

In addition to my Bachelorette Party, two weeks before my wedding I will be traveling to Destin, FL to celebrate my dear friend Denise’s Bachelorette Weekend! I think it is perfect timing because by then I will probably need a Xanax, but a trip to the beautiful beaches of Destin will do the trick. 🙂

Here's Denise and I before yoga on the beach in Destin when we went in 2010. See you soon heaven!


5 responses to “Wedding Wednesday

  1. Those are some fabulous travel plans you have coming up! ENJOY!!!

  2. I also spent most of today thinking it was friday! I like that your bachelorette party is a surprise, i can’t wait to hear about it!

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