Weekly Recap 4/15-4/21

Sunday- OFF
Monday- OFF
Tuesday- OFF
Wednesday- 2.5 mile run
Thursday- OFF
Friday- OFF
Saturday- 8.2 mile long run-back on track!

Notes: This was a rough week for me. I was mentally just not motivated and feeling very blah all week. The week dragged, but I am determined to make this upcoming week a better week. Tomorrow I am spending some quality time doing meal prep, planning out my workout schedule for the week and resting up for a great week!

What do you do after an off week to get back on track?


4 responses to “Weekly Recap 4/15-4/21

  1. Scheduling runs with friends helps me get back on track! Do you think that would help you?

  2. I need to get back on track too, girl! I am running, but my eating is what is off! I am on Weight Watchers, so I usually kickstart my eating on Tuesdays when my points start over. It is important to lift yourself up & remind yourself how far you have come in order to get back on track!

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