Friends with Benefits

Last night after work, I met up with Kim and Sara at Half Day Forest Preserve for a 4 mile run. Well, 4 miles for me. I think Kim ran 12 and Sara ran 9? And I struggled through my 4 miles. Isn’t it weird how you can feel so great for one run and like your legs weigh one hundred pounds during another? That’s the mystery of running.


Thankfully Kim and Sara were nice and hung out with my slow ass as we ran! Even though my legs felt like jello, I had so much fun chatting with the girls that the miles flew by. I was home in time to make dinner and I was able to fit in a work out, some socializing and a healthy meal into my Monday night. What a winning Monday! Now I feel like this week is going to be a good one, and that’s a great feeling.


Also, Sara gave us some sweet pink shoelaces because she is a rockstar and is a Sweat Pink ambassador. Want some free stuff of your own? Head over to Kim’s blog for an Under Armour shirt giveaway!

Do you feel like Monday sets the tone for your whole week? Do you use your friends to hold you accountable for workouts? (If not, you should!) 


11 responses to “Friends with Benefits

  1. YAY! So much fun! Can’t wait for next week!

  2. I can’t wait for next week either! I should know tomorrow or Thursday which day I can come 🙂

    I had a lot of fun at our run! I am starting to really like that preserve. I love the “lost in the woods” feeling. 🙂

  3. I’m running with Kim tonight. And now I’m terrified as to how long we’ll be running… lol

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