Wedding Wednesday

Wedding plans are moving along this week! Three big things happened!

-I went shopping with my friend Jen, so now all of the bridesmaid dresses are ordered! And, they are all different styles which is exactly what I wanted. I’m most excited because they all feel comfortable in their dresses!

-We got our first wedding present in the mail!

-And finally the most exciting news…


We booked our plane tickets for our honeymoon in Portland, OR! Anyone who knows us says “that’s so you guys,” which is very true! Everyone else that thinks this is a weird place to honeymoon? Well, that’s why they aren’t marrying us. 🙂


10 responses to “Wedding Wednesday

  1. Portland would be SUCH a cool place for a honeymoon! I actually just met a woman yesterday (Allison!) who is from Portland and she loves it!

  2. I love that you’re going there! I went to Martha’s Vineyard in the off season, I’m a fan of anything that’s not Hawaii or a resort (not that I don’t like a tropical season)- kudos for picking something perfect for you!

  3. So excited you booked your tickets! Our honeymoon was not planned until a month or so after the wedding! It’s nice to have it planned out!

    I think it’s so neat when all the bridesmaids have different styles of dresses!

  4. Nice! I loved Portland–I keep wanting to go back to there and Seattle! I love reading about all the wedding updates, Katie! 🙂

  5. You know i am pro-portland! Its going to be AWESOME!

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