Friday Friends

Happy Friday!

Now that I have lived in the ‘burbs for a full six months, I think I can officially say that I call them home! Honestly, as soon as I moved into Rich’s condo I felt at home, but now I feel like I have  made a life for me! 

Today I thought I would share some local races I’m excited about.

Currently, I’m training for the North Shore Half Marathon. I hear it’s a really great race! I’m very excited to do my first local half marathon.

Another local race I wish I could run again is the VW Credit Run for a Reason at my favorite local trail, Independence Grove! Last year’s race was a lot of fun, but unfortunately this year we’ll be in Michigan for one of my wedding showers. If you’re looking for a great 5K or 10K, check it out!

Lastly, I was very excited to learn about the Dirty Girl Run that will be happening right around the corner from me!

I have never done a mud run and I think it would be a good time. Plus, there is cocktail information on the website so I know it will be a good time! I’ve already convince a few friends to join me, any other girls out there interested? Join our team!


4 responses to “Friday Friends

  1. Is there a Dirty Girl mud stroll?

  2. I have never heard of that VW run! I love that there are always so many runs going on in IG!

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