April Recap

Happy May Day! Before I dive into the month, I’m taking a minute to see how April turned out. 🙂

Fitness Goals:
-Complete three runs a week every week this month- this month I completed 11 runs, so I was just short of my 12 run goal. Not too shabby, but of course I’m striving for 100% perfection, always. 🙂
-Do at least four days of strength training this month-75% complete! It helped that I snuck in a last-ditch strength workout last night for this purpose, but I only did 3 strength sessions. I’m thinking this will change in May.
-Accomplish a PR at the Race to Wrigley 5K on 4/14!- DONE AND DONE! It feels so good to have finally accomplished this goal, I have been chasing it for a very long time!
-Find a good upper body toning plan to use in the months coming up to the wedding- Also complete! I’m going to use Tone it Up’s plan for “tank top arms” for now to tone my arms for my dress. It’s a good one!

Nutrition Goals:
-Track my food every single day this month-2/30 complete, 28 to go!-I did ok with this goal but not 100%. I did a great job of balancing out my eating this month. Tomorrow, we will see what the scale says!

Other Goals
-My April wedding goals are to finish up our registry, book our honeymoon plane tickets and hotels, book hair and makeup people, finalize and order our invitations and pick out the men’s suits!-I accomplished a lot for the wedding this month, but not exactly all my goals. We did book our honeymoon plane tickets and one hotel night, but still have to book the other nights. My hair and makeup person is booked, plus my trial appointment is set. The invitations are almost finalized and are set to go out on 6/2. The suits will be picked out soon and much more this month!
-Also, keep working on my bedtime/wake up schedule, I need more sleep!!!-This is a continual struggle for me but I am doing a much better job. The hard part for me is that one night seems to derail my whole routine, so I need to make it habit so this does not happen as much.

Thoughts: All in all I think April was a pretty good month! After my slump last week, I was truly thinking this was going to be a downer post. But, looking at the month I feel like I accomplished a lot and even achieved one of my 2012 Goals, so that feels great!

I’m off to run with a few blogger friends! It’s rainy, but the company will make the run awesome! Be on the lookout tomorrow for my May Goals and my 9/2/12 weigh-in update. I’m nervous!!!

So, how was your April? Did you achieve any of your goals? Or are you already looking forward to new May Goals? Check in please!


5 responses to “April Recap

  1. Impressive month, good job!!

  2. Kelly @ Running Kellometers

    Sounds like you had a great April! Hopefully May is just as awesome!!! 🙂

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