Weekly Recap 4/22-4/28

Sunday– OFF
Monday– 4.0 mile run with Kim and Sara
Tuesday– 3.5 mile walk with my friend Jackie
Wednesday– Full body strength using Tone it Up videos
Thursday-Sunday- OFF in slump land

I’m not too proud of my Thursday-Sunday slump, but I started this blog to hold myself accountable so that’s what I am doing! Instead of dwelling, I am learning from it and focusing on my “end of week” workouts! I tend to start off gangbusters and lose momentum. This is definitely something to focus on this week!

11 responses to “Weekly Recap 4/22-4/28

  1. Haha I was in slump land with you over the weekend. I could barely drag myself out of bed on Sunday!!

  2. I have also been in a slump land! The last couple of weeks, my running as been lacking! I am hoping to also change that real soon!

  3. Will it help when you join the club and can sign up for weekend runs? 🙂

  4. The weather’s about to get nice again, and then I bet you’ll be right back in the land o motivation friend!

  5. I was in slump land at the end of last week, too. I think I was running on empty by the end of last month and just needed a little refresher. Since I took the extra unplanned rest day along with a planned one, I’ve felt much better!

    And I agree with Nikki- it’s just a matter of the weather turning. 🙂

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