North Shore Half Long Run Five


What I ate: Black coffee and a cinnamon roll (probably not the best, but it tasted amazing!)

What I wore: Lululemon Biker Groove Shorts, Tech T-shirt and my Brooks Adrenalines

Who I went with and where: Rich and I recently purchased a bike rack for our car so he brought his bike with us to Michigan. He rode 10 miles while I ran my 8 down Hines Drive!

Run Stats:
8.00 miles
average pace 13:59/mile
Max: 7:47/mile

Weather: It was hot and I got sunburnt! It did not help the run at all.


Thoughts: This run sucked a lot! I felt like crap, had to walk a lot and really was not into it at all. But, I did not give up on the distance and kept going. This was definitely a good mental training run! My legs felt great, but the heat plus some stomach issues made it difficult. Despite walking a lot, I ran every hill (it was very hilly) and pushed it there. So, I am actually pretty happy with this run!


4 responses to “North Shore Half Long Run Five

  1. Sucky runs suck, but sounds like you had a good attitude about it.

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