Take Time Tuesday

Today was one of those great days where everything just felt balanced! It was a super busy day, but here’s all that I accomplished.

-4:30am wake up call
-5:00am gym arrival
-30 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the bike
-Did my full hair and makeup (this is SO rare!!! haha)
-Made my early train and got to work 30 minutes early
-Caught up on blog reading and wedding e-mails on the train
-A very productive work morning
-Off site meeting
-Off site business lunch at Farmhouse
-3.5 miles of walking to my meetings (it was beautiful out!)
-A very productive work afternoon
-Made my early train home and got home early
-Ate a healthy meal of roasted chickpea tacos for dinner (prepped those yesterday!)
-Wrote this blog post
-Spending some quality time catching up with my BFF Bethenny Frankel 🙂
-And my fiancé…
-And soon to come, an early bedtime!!!

See, sometimes things just fall into place? I swear, these morning workouts are making me an even more positive person. 🙂


4 responses to “Take Time Tuesday

  1. I love when everything falls into place. It’s rare for me. And would never happen on a Tuesday for sure. lol

    And every time I do full hair and makeup now, coworkers ask if I have a job interview or hot date. Clearly they just expect me to constantly look like a hot mess and are cool with it. That’s my takeaway from that.

  2. I love days like that and working out first thing sets an amazing tone for the day doesn’t it!

    I also give you credit for doing your hair and make up… I never seem to have enough time to do that!

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