So what do I do when the weight of the world gets to be too much?


I notice the little things around me, like the Coast Guard boats that were riding up and down the Chicago river yesterday.


I shake up my routine and do something new, like go see a NATO protest at lunch.


Definitely not something I see every day!

Of course, cocktails always help.

If that doesn’t work, I find something that makes me laugh. Last night, Denise and I went to see The Five Year Engagement. It made me laugh, it made me cry and it made me realize that life will never be perfect and wedding planning sucks for everyone. Comforting!


When all else fails, I plan. After the movie, Denise and I came back to my place and researched new recipes to keep us healthy this week. Four months to our weddings and we’re both committed to looking and feeling our best!

Another thing that helps me is putting “me” time as a priority. This usually means working out. This morning, Denise and I went on a five mile run at Independence Grove. (where we ran the VW Credit Run for a Reason in the picture above last year) Our training plan called for ten miles today, but it was extremely hot and we were struggling. So, we listened to our body and called it quits after five miles. Sometimes listening to your body is what’s important! Next week, we’ll do our ten and call it a wrap on training. I have no doubt we’ll do well. 🙂


4 responses to “Liberated

  1. I’m glad you’re listening to yourself and taking time to appreciate the things around you. People tend to forget to do that! Also, it is extremely hot in Chicagoland and it came on so suddenly. Both of my workouts have felt like struggles this weekend, I’m used to running in 50 degree weather!

  2. I love the skinny girl drinks 🙂 It sounds like you’re enjoying life!!! That’s fantastic!

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