North Shore Half Long Run Seven

What I ate: Black coffee and an Arnold’s sandwich thin with raspberry preserves

What I wore: Lululemon Biker Groove Shorts, C9 by Target tank and my Asics Cumulus

Who I went with and where: Denise and I met up at Arlington Lake and did  four loops around the lake

Run Stats:
10.0 miles
average pace 14:26/mile


Weather: 80 and sunny! It was hot one!

Thoughts: It was really hot, so we took it slow but never once doubted that we could finish the distance. Both of us are pretty burnt out with running, so we’re glad to get the run done and over with. I have no doubts we’ll be good to go for the half in thirteen days!



3 responses to “North Shore Half Long Run Seven

  1. Great run in the heat! Thanfully its supposed to cool down this week!

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