May Recap

Here were my goals for May, let’s see how I did!

Fitness Goals:
-Complete three runs a week every week this month, including a long run each week!- I completed seven runs this month averaging about 2x/week. I’m ok with this, because I did a LOT of cross-training. Lots of time spent on my bike and the elliptical. In total, I worked out 18 days this month which is about 4.5/week. Not too shabby!
-Do at least eight days of strength training this week, including my Tone it Up Arm plan!- I did seven, so close!!!
-Mentally focus on my half marathon PR goal for 6/10-This is something I am struggling with. I am totally, 100% mentally burnt out with running. 
-Do at least one morning workout a week (my ultimate goal is to be a morning workout person, so I’m starting small!)- Ok now this I rocked at! I completed seven 5am workouts this month. WOO HOO!

Nutrition Goals:
-Track my food every single day this month-I’m trying this one again! So far so good!-I can officially say that I tracked 27 out of 31 days this month. I would say this is a success!

Other Goals
-My May wedding goals are to book our Honeymoon hotel rooms, finalize our flowers (I have an appointment on Friday!), pick out the men’s suits, plan the ceremony, order and send invitations by 6/2 and find a dress for my shower on 6/3! I think these very doable goals, especially because most of the tasks are already started. Four more months!- All of this is done or in progress. This weekend we have appointments with the caterer, rehearsal dinner restaurant, priest, music director at the church and florist. So after this weekend we will have made even more progress!!!
-Add some new features to my blog! I’ve been meaning to add a Blog Roll, Recipe and Wedding tab for awhile. Also, I would like to do my first giveaway in May. :)-Ugh, I totally neglected this blog this month.

All in all I’m happy with this month. I figured out that 5am workouts are what works best for me and I plan on sticking to it. I love having my “me time” first thing in the morning and the option to lay on the couch all evening if I want. That makes it worth it. I’m excited to weigh-in for my 9/2/12 countdown, I already know I have made huge progress this month and I can’t wait to share!


4 responses to “May Recap

  1. You are kicking butt at those early morning workouts! WTG! I love having my me time in the am too. It’s SO worth it to be able to chill in the evening or do other things!

    Why do you think you are so over running right now?

  2. You are doing awesome! We need to have a running date soon, that will bring your mojo back! 😀

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