Lately, my life has seemed a bit rigid. Between all the scheduling, planning, budgeting and weight-loss scheming, I think I have forgotten to let go and have fun.

This week, my schedule was thrown a little of whack because my Dad was in town Tuesday for work and Wednesday night for the Tiger’s vs. Cubs game. Of course, I was very excited for my Dad to visit, but beforehand a small part of me felt really anxious. Two late nights in a row? My routine thrown off? Oh the horror!

Finally, I decided to throw caution to the wind and just go with it. And I’m so glad I did! Tuesday night we took my Dad to our favorite local beer bar, Firkin, where I enjoyed a few beers and a burger. Last night before the game, we went to our favorite beer bar in the city, Sheffield’s, where I enjoyed more beer with my favorite buffalo chicken rolls and a pulled pork sandwich. I ate until I was full both nights, enjoyed every bite and don’t feel bad at all for splurging! Plus, the Tiger’s crushed the Cubs so that made me happy. 🙂


However, when the Cubs play other teams I will happily wear this shirt Rich bought me.

This morning, I noticed that Rich’s favorite comedian is in town this weekend and tickets were still available. We’ve been on a major budget with the wedding approaching, but when I called Rich to discuss, his response was more than sufficient. You only live once!

Tonight, I would like to do some type of physical activity but that’s yet to be determined. I’m slightly thrown off with this not having a plan thing, but I think this is exactly what I needed.

In other news, Rich had the day off work, and while I was gone he cleaned out our garage, constructed shelves and made himself a little “man cave” in our garage. So maybe my physical activity for the day will be walking downstairs to enjoy a cocktail in his new cave. You only live once!


6 responses to “YOLO

  1. It’s so easy to get caught up in a schedule and forget how important it is to allow yourself freedom to just live. Look at these occasional temporary changes as life’s way of reminding you to enjoy it to the fullest. YOLO!

  2. I have every intention of stealing that shirt. I get all frazzled when “my schedule” gets messed up, but usually its for much more fun and awesome things, so its worth it 🙂 And beers and baseball are ALWAYS worth it!

  3. So happy to hear you are doing some fun things this week! I was upset that my schedule was all off this week (headache monday, out late next two nights) but most of it was fun stuff so whatevs!

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