Take Time Tuesday

Mark down this day, I’m finally back to blogging for the second day in a row and it feels great! Here are some other things putting me in a great mood today.

-Morning Workouts
After a few crazy weeks, it became clear to me that the only way I was going to fit working out into my schedule was to work around it. So, 5:00am wakeup calls it is! It’s been two days and I already feel great! My days feel much less stressful and at night I actually have time to do a few things which feels great. And I am no longer dragging! Woo hoo!

-Wedding Planning Has Become Kinda Fun
Now that I’m down to the details, I’m actually enjoying the wedding planning process. Yes, I am always on the verge of overwhelmed but at least I am enjoying this part!

-Lots of Things to Look Forward to
Starting this weekend, I have some wedding related thing each weekend until October. Between our wedding, Denise’s wedding at the end of September (which I am in) and our friends Leeza and Brian’s wedding the weekend before ours, it is making for a crazy summer! Instead of dreading being busy, I’m focusing on how fun everything is and trying to stay as organized as possible to stay sane. So far, so good!!!

That’s all you get from me today! I’ll be back tomorrow for a little wedding planning update. It feels good to be back!


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