How I Survived Monday


-I got up anyway
I woke up at 5am with zero motivation to workout. I got up anyway, wasted time making breakfast and read emails. Finally, I did 15 minutes of yoga. Better than nothing.

Worked Hard at Work
Being productive at work puts me in a good mood and helps remind me I can do this for five more days.

-Ran Errands at Lunch
Using my lunch to run an errand or two makes me feel like I have more time in my day. Plus, it leaves me nothing to do in the evening which is key!


-When in doubt, remember the little things
Monday’s suck, but I took time to literally stop and smell the flowers Rich got me on Sunday. They made my day a little happier.

-Look Forward for Motivation

This weekend is my Bachelorette party. If I work hard all week, I will no doubt enjoy myself more!

-Remember that Tomorrow is Tuesday
The good thing about Mondays is that you get a fresh start the next day. Half way through feeling crappy about my less than stellar start to the week, I stopped and reminded myself I would have a chance to try again on Tuesday. So, I went home, made a healthy dinner, got my sh*t together and went to bed on time with motivating thoughts in my head.


As you can see by the fact that my car is packed as if I am going on vacation, I made it to the gym this morning. Despite dark clouds that made sleeping in very appealing, I got up anyway and made it to the gym!!!


I will make this a habit. I feel great having got my workout in, I know this is what my body needs and I will make it happen. Dark clouds begone!!!


6 responses to “How I Survived Monday

  1. have fun on vacation!! 😀

  2. Haha I love when I Can run errands during lunch!

  3. Mondays are often rough but look…it’s already Wednesday and you’re almost done with the week!

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