Say Om

Thursday morning, the bride Denise and I took a yoga class by the sea!


Last year when we were in Destin, we took a class by the sea and could not wait to go back. The class we took was a 90 minute flow class that seemed to fly by. The teacher Rhonda was great at explaining everything and did not do a lot of correcting, which I liked. I have a bad knee and she spotted me struggling once and for the remainder of the class would provide modifications. I loved that! Every time I attend a yoga class, I am reminded how much I love it and this class was no different. I felt SO good after!


If you’re ever in Destin, I would definitely recommend these classes! It was one of the highlights of my trip and I wished that we could’ve gone one more day. Hopefully, I will remember how good I felt and can make yoga classes a regular part of my routine at home.


After our class, we whipped up some protein shakes to re-fuel before going to the beach.


In the mix? Frozen mango chunks, almond milk and some Perfect Fit Protein. Easy, filling and nutritious!

This yoga class was easily one of my favorite memories from my trip. Although I don’t have the luxury of doing yoga by the sea in my daily life, I do have the opportunity to attend yoga classes at my gym and after this class I want to make it a point to do so. I will definitely be adding yoga to my list of post-wedding goals. πŸ™‚


9 responses to “Say Om

  1. Oh how fun! I have heard Destin beaches are beautiful, it has been on our list to visit.

  2. How do you like the perfect fit protein? I was hearing some comments about it previously that said it tasted kind of funny.

    • It was alright. I like whey protein the best! But I am on a hunt for a good protein powder. Any suggestions?

      • My favorite right now is the whey protein I find at Trader Joe’s, but you can order it online too. It’s “Designer whey protein powder” in Chocolate. It is SO GOOD. My protein shakes with peanut butter, banana and almond milk taste like a chocolate peanut butter milk shake lol. It also makes your smoothie really fluffy and pretty thick – love it. I have not found one I like better!

  3. Do you use a mat for yoga by the beach? It would be fun to do yoga in the sand.

    I recommend Sun Warrior vanilla protein powder! It’s hemp and I really like the taste πŸ™‚ I can give you some to try if you want! πŸ™‚

  4. Yes, we put our mats right in the sand! That would be awesome!!! I am totally itching to get back running post-wedding. So we need to have a running date!

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