How to Fit Wedding Planning into an Already Busy Lifestyle


After thirteen months of planning and one week to go before we go to Michigan for our big day, we are in the homestretch! This next week is going to involve finalizing all the small details, which entails a LOT of e-mails and phone calls. By now, I’ve learned to handle the planning with ease. So today, I am sharing my tips to fit wedding planning into an already busy life!

-Keep all your wedding stuff in one place
For me, our guest room has turned into wedding central. First of all, our shower (and some wedding) gifts fill almost half the room. Also, I’ve been using our guest room bed to put everything that we’ll need on the day of in one spot. Our desk in the guest room is filled with invitations, stamps, cards in a pile to remind us to write thank you notes and tons of paperwork. Recently, I took all the paperwork and put it into a binder. I wish I had done that sooner!

-Make lists, upon lists, upon lists!
This is what has kept me sane! I made a spreadsheet early on based on the Knot‘s planning checklist (a must check out for all new brides), from there I split my list into tabs on my Excel spreadsheet by month so I was able to take it one month at a time. Then, I would make myself a written list every week with must-dos for that week. Overkill, yes. But, it kept me organized!

This is something I do in my every day life, but it definitely helps when wedding planning tasks are added to every day life! Use your time wisely-do laundry while making dinner, and while you are cooking and folding make wedding phone calls. I also utilized my hour long train ride and lunch!

-Turn wedding planning into a social activity
Over the last year, I’ve used wedding planning tasks as a way to spend time with my bridesmaids and friends. Most people felt honored to do these things with me! Also, Rich and I have used our ballroom dance lessons as built in date nights. We had a blast while learning our wedding dance!

-Don’t forget to take some me time
Just like every day life, me time is important while wedding planning. It will get to the point where the planning will seem to consume your life. At that point, take some time and have a girls’ night, take a walk or just sit and put your phone far away.

-Don’t forget date nights
Again, it will get to the point where you feel like wedding planning is consuming your life. At this point, have a date night to remind yourself who you are marrying and why. Try your best not to talk about the wedding and just enjoy!

-Don’t get frustrated if something has to wait
Throughout the process, people will stall the process and you will get frustrated. So when your RSVPs aren’t in on time, when you can’t get a vendor to respond to your emails and each task is taking longer than expected, relax. It will get done. This is when you ignore your timeline.

I’m not the best at delegating, but I do have a handful of people that I trusted to help me out with the wedding. These key people were a lifesaver! When choosing people to help you, make sure they are organized and reliable. That way you don’t have to worry about them getting the task done. Or worse, not doing the task. Then it falls back on you and the purpose is defeated. So choose wisely and use those people to help you! (and thank them!)

-Remember the big picture
This is why date nights are important! You are getting married. It seems silly to have to remember this, but there are times when the wedding planning will overwhelm you and your choice of wine seems like the make or break it choice for your event. It’s not, and no matter what the outcome of your wedding day will equal a marriage. And that’s what matters!!!

-Think beyond the wedding!
This seems a bit cynical, but the thing that helped me the most when I got stressed was thinking about beyond the day of and just being married. Picturing our life post-marriage, just coming home and making dinner and not having to worry about anything else but being together. That’s what got me through this process.

-When in doubt, visualize the end result.
Another thing that helped me when I was stressed? Picturing seeing Rich as I’m walking down the aisle, picturing my guests in our dinner tent and out on the dance floor enjoying themselves. It helped me remember that things will turn out great!

Needless to say, I’m excited for our wedding and I absolutely cannot wait for next week’s activities. It’s been quite a process, but as the day approaches I can honestly say that I think it will all be worth it!


2 responses to “How to Fit Wedding Planning into an Already Busy Lifestyle

  1. Awesome tips! I have watched many of my friends – who have crazy busy lives – plan their weddings and keep it all together. Further proof that women are the superior sex and men are just lucky want to spend time with them. 😉

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