Post Wedding Goals

Well, now that the wedding and honeymoon are officially over, life has settled down. It’s really nice to be able to breathe a little and have time to enjoy newly married life! Of course, now that it’s all over I’m feeling many different emotions. Most of all I’m happy, but I’m also a little bummed that it’s all over and a little lost on what to do next. I know, I’m supposed to enjoy being married but I also think it’s goal time!

I’ve done a great job with my 2012 Goals so far. I ran a PR 5k, did a great job planning our wedding and can now say I’m used to my commuting schedule! Now that the wedding is over, I’m feeling like now would be a great time to set some new goals and focus on living my new married life as balanced and healthy as possible. So here we go!

-Get in a solid workout routine– I did a great job of figuring out my morning workout schedule before the wedding, but now I want to get in a routine. My workouts have been a little aimless, so I would like to create a lift/cardio plan for myself. This week though, I’m just getting to the gym!
-Sign up for a race– I miss running! And I need structure. Signing up for a race will give me this!
-Try new recipes– With morning workouts and no wedding planning, I now have time in the evenings! I’m excited to be able to cook again, try new things and feed my husband! (yep, not sure where that urge came from)
-Work on Sunday weekly prep– Now that Rich and I have lived together for almost a year, we’ve gotten into a good routine of who does what around the house. One thing I really want to work on is prepping food on Sundays. Since we both are super busy during the week, I think doing the bulk of our food prep on Sunday will help.
-Focus on the blog– I’ve missed blogging! When the wedding planning took over my life, I had to cut back on blogging a bit. Also, since my whole life was consumed by the wedding, I didn’t have much else to talk about. I’m excited to run, cook and blog about it again!
-Organize– Right now, our guest room is currently filled with wedding gifts, suitcases and things from the wedding. Also, our closets could use some major organizing. I’m a dork and am excited to do these things, but I really do think it helps with everyday life!
-Start Going to Church Regularly– Rich and I both say that we enjoyed the ceremony the most on our wedding day. It was peaceful, quiet and something that was just for the two of us. We got out of the habit of going to church during wedding planning and I want us to get back in the routine. It’s a peaceful hour in our week that we can spend together, and I definitely think it is something that will help us be better spouses.
-Save for Europe– For our one year anniversary, we’re planning on going to Europe. With a little wedding money stowed away, now we just have to save our butts off to make it happen! I’ve been to Europe several times for skating but never for fun. Plus, I get to go with my favorite person to travel with. I can’t wait!
-Enjoy Being Married!– This one is a no brainer, but I am trying my best to enjoy the present moment and enjoy every minute of being married! Rich and I will never get this time back, so I think it’s important to enjoy this time.


5 responses to “Post Wedding Goals

  1. Great goals girl! I wanna try new recipes & blog more as well…but I gotta balance it with school work & my little man. Hopefully small goals will work 🙂 Hope you are doing well! Congrats again to you & your hubby!

  2. Great goals!! Glad to see your life settled down a bit, you deserve the rest and relaxation (and lots of quality time with your new husband)!!

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