Practice Makes Perfect

The day before the wedding was a perfect, relaxing day with six of best friends!

My bridesmaids Jen and Layne and my M.O.H. Stephanie

First up, manicures and pedicures!

Hands in!

With all the girls 🙂

Before the rehearsal at the church, we took a break for sushi at my favorite sushi spot at home! Yum.

Megan, Val, Stephanie, Me, Denise, Layne and Jen

Next up, rehearsal time! It was quick, easy and painless. 🙂

How cute were our little ring bearer and flower girl!?

Then, we were off to relax with a few beers at Arbor Brewing Company at our rehearsal dinner! The food was good, the company was good and some of the rest of our wedding guests joined us after dinner. It was awesome!

My bridesmaid Val, me and M.O.H. Stephanie at Arbor Brewing Company

Following the rehearsal dinner, Val, Stephanie and I went back to my Dad’s house and ate ice cream while we talked about the next day. It was the perfect day before our wedding!

Stay tuned for more!


4 responses to “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. Do you know all your besties from home? What a beautiful group of ladies!

    • Almost all! Megan is my cousin, Stephanie and I met when I was 15 and she was 16 and then went to College together, Val and I have been friends since kindergarden, Layne and Jen are from middle school and Denise and I met in college! I have amazing friends! 🙂

  2. Aww, YAY for great friends & sushi! Such an awesoem combo! 😉

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