Not Much has Changed


For the past two weeks since we got married, Rich and I have been asked countless times, “do you feel different?” My answer?, “kind of, but not really.” I’m not sure how to describe it, but I do feel slightly different. I’m definitely more relaxed, more comfortable and probably the happiest I have ever been. It sounds super cheesy, but the past twelve days have been some of the best days of my life. I still feel the same way I felt going into the wedding, lucky. It is so nice to have the pressure of the wedding lifted off us, to relax and to just be us.

In reality, not much has changed. Besides my name change, our legal binding to each other our Facebook statuses, we really haven’t changed much. Since we already owned our condo and have been working together off a shared budget since I moved in last October, that has all stayed the same. We still have the same jobs, same friends, same lives and are still 100% us. We learned a lot while wedding planning during our first year living together and have successfully learned how to be a team. I think that’s the best feeling of all!

As I mentioned yesterday, I do have a bit of the wedding blues but I’ve found it pretty easy to shake them. Throughout the wedding planning process, picturing our life post-wedding was what got me through when things got stressful. So now that it’s finally here, I think it’s silly to feel bummed. Plus, we have so much to look forward to in our future. As always, staying present is helping me work through these feelings and remember how grateful I am. I truly believe that the little things are what make people happier. So when I woke up to find that Rich had cleaned our kitchen after I went to sleep last night, I took a moment to be grateful. Life changing? Not really. But taking a moment to be grateful really set the tone for my day.

I’ve joked that my “wife gene” has kicked in and I suddenly have the urge to cook and clean. In all honesty, I think this is just a product of me having more time and a lot less stress. Of course, now that we’re back to reality our lives still exist. Case in point-last night I was exhausted from returning to work and 5:00am workouts and was just not feeling cooking. So when Rich got home, he cooked me dinner. (and later did the dishes) See, I’m not really in the running for wife of the year. In my defense, I did cook dinner Monday-Wednesday for us and packed us lunch. In Rich’s defense, he prepped the food for our dinners in the morning. But I’ll stop boring you with the details. All I know is it feels good to be married and although it doesn’t feel all that different, it feels really good. I’m enjoying this feeling and enjoying being back to our every day pace of life. That is a change I can get used to.


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