Honeymoon Day One

On Monday morning after the wedding, my family came over and watched Rich and I open our wedding presents. Then, we drove back home to unpack, repack and rest up for our flight!

Tuesday morning bright and early we were off! After a train ride and two flights, we arrived in Portland, OR.

Our first stop? McMenamin’s Kennedy School where we stayed our first night. Kennedy School is an old elementary school that was converted into a hotel, complete with several bars, a restaurant, a movie theatre, brewery and a giant hot tub!


The rooms are old classrooms that have been converted into guest suites. Ours was the Maypole room, which overlooked the front yard where the Maypole once stood. It was one of most unique hotel rooms I’ve ever stayed in and so much fun!


Of course, our first stop was the Courtyard for a snack and a beer flight to start off our honeymoon in a very “us” way.


After relaxing our room for a bit, we were off to dinner a few blocks away at DOC! I had done a lot of research before our trip and was very excited for our meal. It did not disappoint! We did the seven course tasting menu, but since they knew it was our honeymoon we ended up getting about nine courses. I also did the wine paring and they even made a few speciality cocktails for me!

The meal was such a fun experience. It is an open kitchen and we got the seat directly next to the kitchen (see our view from our table above). The chefs use local ingredients and make the courses based on what they get that day. While we were there, a local farmer even stopped by to drop off produce. It was such a fun experience and honest to god one of the best meals we’ve ever had!

After dinner, we went back to Kennedy School for a nightcap at the “Detention Room” where they serve cigars and whiskey. It was a great end to the night! We were in bed early after a long day of traveling and fun. Plus, we had a trip to the coast to look forward to the next morning!



6 responses to “Honeymoon Day One

  1. Oh, that place has been on our list of places to stay for awhile. Looks so fun!

  2. holy crap, that place sounds awesome!! i love when they recycle buildings into something new! 🙂

  3. What a beautiful, unique honeymoon! Looks like it was perfectly fitting for you two.

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