Becoming a Routine

This morning, it was really difficult for me to get out of bed! For some reason, Tuesdays are always worse for me than Mondays. As always, I contemplated sleeping in but reminding myself how I would feel post-workout is what got me moving. I usually wake up at 5:00 and am out the door at 5:30. Today, I was moving way too slow and did not get out the door until 5:50.

Once I got to the gym, I had a great workout and completed arm, leg and core circuits I found from Tone it Up. I really liked them!

I left the gym as the sun came up feeling good. The rest of my day was better because I worked out. I’m excited that this is starting to became a routine. I think I will do a post on more ways I prepare myself for morning workouts, but for now I’m spent!


4 responses to “Becoming a Routine

  1. Awesome!! Making working out a part of your routine makes it so much easier to stick with it!

  2. That is great! I have trouble waking up in the mornings even though I have been working out predawn for years. Its worth it though! Keep it up!

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