Post Wedding Wednesday

Now that it’s been over five weeks since the wedding, I can officially say that I feel married. Even though in the beginning things didn’t feel that different, we used the “fresh start” as an opportunity to fine tune our routine. I’m glad we did! I’ve been working hard to get in the routine of morning workouts and seeing great results, trying lots of new recipes and making going to bed on time a priority. I feel really good!

Here we are cheers-ing at the wedding!

Of course, even though the wedding is over there were still a lot of tasks to wrap up. There is a lot I did not think about before the wedding!

20121010-080106.jpgThis is what our condo looked like midway through going through the gifts!

-Go Through Gifts: A few weeks ago we tackled our guest room, which was filled to the brim with gifts, wedding decorations and suitcases from our honeymoon. Once we clear a path, we went through our gifts and returned those we knew we would not use on a consistent basis. We used our return money to buy our pots and pans, complete our everyday dishes set and buy odds and ends we knew we needed but did not receive. Admittedly, we still have not used any of our gifts. (with the exception of our King Cube ice cube trays for cocktails, priorities people) This is mainly me being stubborn as we’re about to start remodeling our kitchen and I want brand new everything when it’s finished. How cool will that be?

-Name Change Steps: Legally changing my name has been quite the process, but it’s almost complete. First things first we had to wait for our certified copy of our marriage license to arrive in the mail. Once we had that, we could make the necessary changes. Couple tasks included changing our tax statuses at work, switching me over to Rich’s insurance, changing our life insurance to include each other as beneficiaries, updating our bank information and adding me to our homeowners policy. Name change steps included changing my e-mail at work, getting a new social security card, driver’s license, voter’s registration card and of course, changing my name on Facebook. (again, priorities people) I still have to update my passport. I think after that I’m done!

-Thank You Notes: So far we’ve written about twenty five thank you notes with over one hundred left to write. It’s a slow process, but my goal is to have them complete by the seven week mark. (good thing I wrote that, since I just had the realization that we have two weeks)

Bell’s Wedding Ale-one of the best details of our wedding!

-Preserve Memories: I’m a huge sap when it comes to mementos and am definitely saving everything from the wedding. I still have to preserve my dress and bouquet, which are still at my Dad’s. Also, once we have our video and photography I’m going to have a wedding album and DVD made so I will have them forever. This year, I also plan on celebrating every month of marriage. For our one month, we went out to our favorite sushi restaurants, drank one bottle of the Wedding Ale from our wedding and exchanged small presents. It’s fun having anniversaries again!

Now you tell me! What do you do for anniversaries? Do you celebrate monthly, yearly? Have you made any tweaks to your routine lately? Tried any new recipes? Please share!


6 responses to “Post Wedding Wednesday

  1. I’m not married (or even engaged) but my boyfriend and I try to at least do something small every monthly anniversary. Sometimes we go out to eat but usually we just make sure to spend extra time together!

  2. Awww it sounds like you had a great wedding! and I’d do the same thing on the gifts- having them all new for your newly remodeled kitchen will be so cool!

  3. Don’t forget to change your name with any financial things you have, like your IRA or stocks! (Those were the ones I forgot 🙂

    This year is our fifth wedding anniversary. Maybe we should do something crazy, but I’m just happy to be with this man 🙂

    Love how you’re celebrating so far!

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