Mid-October Check-In

Now that we’re half way through October, I thought now would be a good time to check in on my goals!

-Continue to work towards workout routine- running has helped, but I still haven’t found my post-wedding groove. I want to do more classes at my gym and do a combination of mornings and evenings so I don’t get burned out and exhausted with mornings. Definitely something to focus on this month.-I’m definitely still working on this. A lot of ideas have been floating around in my head for workouts. Yoga during lunch, swim classes with Rich, Crossfit. So many options…just still haven’t found my groove yet. We’ll see how I feel at the end of the month!
-Do more detailed meal planning– We wasted a lot of food this month, and I’m not a fan of wasting food and money! A more detailed weekly meal plan will help prevent this.-I’m doing ok but can do much better! I think Sunday meal prep is key to not wasting food. Having it prepared helps a lot! We’ll see how I feel in three weeks about this.
-Finish up post-wedding tasks-We still need to finish our thank you notes and I need to finish up the name changes steps. Slowly but surely, we can get these things done by the end of the month.-Almost complete! The only thing left I have to do is renew my passport. I will definitely have this done by the end of the month.We completed our thank you notes and they will be mailed out tomorrow. Woo hoo!
-Read one book-I love reading, but I don’t make time for it. I would like to read before bed each night to clear my mind and decompress.-I’m working on it!!!
-Start Going to Church Regularly– Something to continue to focus on from last month.-So far this month we’re two for two. And it feels great!
-Work on moderation-After many months of splurging at wedding events, it’s hard not to treat every weekend as a splurge. I really do not want to “diet,” because for me it always backfires, but I do need to find a balance.-I’m still working on this. I’m not sure why, but it’s been hard for me find my balance with eating and working out post-wedding. Eventually, I’ll find it!!!

Now how about you-how are your monthly goals going? How often do you make goals? Daily, Monthly, Weekly or Yearly? Please share with me!


4 responses to “Mid-October Check-In

  1. I am a nut about food wasting! I have even made us eat some questionably fresh veggies just to prevent having to throw them away. Apparently, i grew up in the great depression…

  2. I’m with you on the workout routine goal – I need to finalize some structure into my life! And I die a little inside whenever food gets thrown away. I just can’t handle it!

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