Don’t Get Mad, Make a Plan

Yesterday morning, I was feeling a bit frustrated. I overslept two mornings in a row due to going to bed too late. That lead to skipping two workouts in a row and not starting my week off on the right foot. I was pissed, but I knew exactly what I needed to do. You see, the key for me to morning workouts is not waking up but the going to bed. Since I don’t have a lot of time in the evening when I get home, I have to be diligent to get done what I need to and have some relaxation time before bed. Otherwise, I stay up way too late and end up missing my workout the next morning. The truth is, by now I know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

What works: unpacking my bags and repacking my things for the next day ASAP when I get home-this includes my purse, gym bag and toiletry caddy for the gym
What doesn’t: Winging it. I need to have as little to do as possible in the morning in order to get to the gym. The less thinking, the better.

What works:making a quick dinner and eating by 7:30pm. Since I go to bed between 9:00-9:30pm, I need to leave myself time to digest and relax. Otherwise I feel too rushed! During this time I also pack a lunch and set up the coffee pot for the morning.
What doesn’t:Dawdling and eating dinner too late, because that pushes my bedtime back.

What works: After dinner, I give myself about an hour-an hour and a half to relax on the couch. This makes the morning workout worth it!
What doesn’t: If I’m not off the couch at 9:00pm, I end up staying up way too late!!!

What works: Giving myself a half and hour to fall asleep. I like to fall asleep by 9:30pm, so I aim to get in bed with enough time to read, the decompressing time is key to falling asleep.
What doesn’t: Rushing around until bedtime and then trying to fall asleep. It just doesn’t work.

This all seems very rigid, but it works. It seems like work now, but my hope is that eventually it will become a routine: the key now is consistency!!!

Now you tell me! When do you work out? What are your keys to success for making this happen? What’s your nighttime routine like? I would love some more tips!


10 responses to “Don’t Get Mad, Make a Plan

  1. these sound like good ideas, do you have your meals planned?

  2. I personally like to work out in the early morning.

  3. because the tigers won I had no problems getting up an working out. I was fired upped

  4. I’m the same way as you, I need my downtime at the end of the day. I also need to do as little thinking as possible in the morning so it all boils down to lots and lots of planning ahead. It can be annoying but it’s worth it to get in a workout and feel good.

    My big thing is meal planning and prep. I like to make lots of servings of 1-2 things and eat it for lunch/dinner through the week.

  5. I think it’s great that you are so aware of what works and doesn’t work for you. The main thing I learned is that I need to go to bed with the mindset that I WILL run the following morning (laying out my clothes helps too). Otherwise, a run just won’t happen until the afternoon.

  6. Knowing what DOESN’T work is a great way to discover what does! I think it’s awesome that you’re making a plan!

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