Three Things Making This Tuesday Great

Even though I want to complain about this week is dragging (so much so that I typed Thursday in the title at first) and I want to complain about the gloomy weather, I’m not. Because there are a lot of things that made this Tuesday great!

Over the weekend I found this awesome “run into fall” playlist on Lululemon’s blog. It was the perfect thing to motivate me to get out of bed this morning and get to the gym. I knocked out 2.2 miles on the treadmill and it felt great!

Also, all day I’ve been looking forward to having Iowa Girl Eats’ Crock Pot Chicken Tacos and Mexican Rice for dinner tonight! I made the chicken on Sunday and the rice last night and sampled them both and can’t wait to have them for dinner. They were both so delicious! Plus, the peace of mind that dinner was done made my day much less stressful.

Also, I’m looking forward to the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special tonight! I’m not afraid to admit I am an avid watcher. My friend Liz watches too so her and her boyfriend Jason will be joining Rich and I for dinner tonight. Then, hopefully we’ll get the boys sucked into the show. We will see!

I’m off to enjoy my evening!

Now you tell me-do you prepare your dinners in advance? any great new running music you’ve discovered? Do you have any guilty pleasure shows you’re not afraid to admit to watching? Share with me!


10 responses to “Three Things Making This Tuesday Great

  1. OH MAH GAWD I had no idea that PLL was back on tonight!!! I can’t believe I missed it 😦 Yes, I’m obsessed with that show and yes I’m kind of devastated that I now have to wait until tomorrow to catch up on it…

  2. Lately I have been listening to books on my ipod. I totally zone out and find that I lose track of time much better than when I am listening to music.

  3. I watch Jersey Shore which is totally embarrassing BUT my boyfriend got me into it about 2 years ago and it’s such a train wreck that I cannot stop watching! Haha.

    If I don’t run with my shuffle, I usually listen to Pandora on my phone. I figure that way I can change up the station and never listen to the same playlist twice!

  4. I’m not one to often prep dinners in advance, however I usually have my lunches taken care of for the entire week on sunday evening.

  5. Haha I hardly ever plan ahead! I sometimes mentally plan but that’s as far as I usually get 😉

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