Girl and the Goat

Last night I met up with my friend Cassie from College for dinner at Girl and the Goat! Girl and the Goat is Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard’s in the West Loop of Chicago. The restaurant fills up every single night and Cassie and I made our reservations over two months ago. (well before my wedding!) It turned out to be worth the wait and it was nice to spend a nice night with a good friend. Since they serve small plates, Cassie was the perfect person to go with because she’s an adventurous eater like me. We ordered a little bit of everything and dug in!


We kicked off the night with cocktails. I forgot what my cocktail was called, but it was basically a fancy Manhattan. It was awesome!


For starters, we enjoyed some focaccia bread that came with mushroom butter and onion jam. The restaurant makes their own bread daily and it was awesome.


Next up, we had the chickpea fritters. Again, very awesome!


The seafood entree we chose were the steamed west coast mussels. They came with perilla and winter squash with “garlic crunch” on top. Also, they came with some grilled bread. The crunch onto of the mussels was a unique spin and I really enjoyed them. These were definitely my favorite!


After the mussels came the escargot ravioli. Also, a really solid choice!


The grand finale of our entrees was the wood oven roasted pig face. It was exactly like it sounded. If you’ve ever had pork belly, the face is very similar. It was crispy and delicious.


Of course, we could not leave without dessert. Girl and the Goat collaborates with Black Dog Gelato on their desserts, which is another great Chicago staple. (I went there after the Race to Wrigley!) We had the salted chocolate cake and shitake toffee gelato which was absolutely perfect (yes, you read that right, but the mushrooms gave it a good depth) . So sweet, so salty and so satisfying. A truly perfect way to end a great night!

I would definitely go back to Girl and the Goat again since the menu changes frequently. Personally, I love trying new things and when they are done well I really will try anything. I left satisfied, happy and after my workout and long work day, absolutely spent. This seems to be my favorite word this week. Hopefully this weekend I can get some rest!!!

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? We’re going to watch a friend’s band play tonight, tomorrow we are going to our friends’ Halloween Party and Sunday we’ll watch the Bear’s game with friends. Hopefully, some R & R will fit in there too!


10 responses to “Girl and the Goat

  1. i DREAM of those chickpea fritters. when I ate those I considered ordering a second bowl they were SO good.

  2. That place sounds so cool! I want to try the chickpea fritters!!!!

  3. I wish i could make a cocktail half as good as they do….I LOVEEE that place!

    • I think it’s the obscure really good alcohol they have! 🙂

      Ever since Portland we’ve been making craft cocktails at home. We bought back a bottle of brandy (among our other many bottles’o’booze) and we recreated three of the cocktails we tried. We had the bartender give us the recipes. That was a fun Friday night. LOL

  4. wow everything looks amazing!! My bestie and I are low key when we have a girls night…we typically go to the cheesecake factory, get some cheesecake, and sip on coffee for hours 🙂

  5. Sounds like you have a perfectly fun and busy weekend planned as well! I love Girl and the Goat, their food is so creative and the restaurant is nice but not overly fancy. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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