November Goals

October came and went and now it’s time for a new month and new goals! Before we know it, the holiday season will be upon us and then a new year. I definitely think now is a good time to set new goals before the craziness begins!

-Mix up my workouts- One goal I want to reach in the somewhat near future is a sprint triathlon. I like running, like biking but haven’t swam in years! My husband is the same way and we both would like to get back into it, so this month we are joining a swim club! In addition, I want to keep running and fit in some weekly strength training.

-Stick to our grocery budget-I’ve been good at meal planning this month, but sticking to the budget is something I need to work on. It can be done-I just have to stick to it!

-Preserve Wedding Memories-Now that all the thank you notes and legal stuff is done, it’s time for some fun stuff. This month I vow to take my dress to be preserved and order our pictures! (once we get them)

-Finish my book– I’m loving reading Intuitive Eating and am getting a lot out of the book, but I’ve yet to finish it. This month I will finish the book and blog about it.

-Keep Being Mindful– Since starting IE, I’ve stopped tracking my food, worrying about food (trying to) and have given up dieting. Honestly, it’s really working. I’m excited to share my progress!

-Keep Going to Church Regularly– We’re in the habit now, we just have to keep it up.

-Give LiveHalfFull some TLC-In my about page, it still says I’m getting ready for my wedding. For months, I’ve wanted to add a recipe page. This blog needs some loving!

-Enjoy the Turkey Trot!-I’ve really enjoyed getting back into running lately and I am loving the fact that I enjoy running again. My hiatus worked wonders and now I’m back and happy with it again. I want to keep it fun and put zero pressure on myself. So for the Turkey Trot, my goal is to finish the race and have fun. Then I will hopefully be motivated to sign up for my next race!

What are your goals for the month? Any races this month to look forward to? Have you ever read Intuitive Eating or given up dieting? 


7 responses to “November Goals

  1. Which “Intuitive Eating” book are you reading? I looked up the title on amazon and there are a few options :/ lol

  2. Those are great goals! I’ve made (And actually kept!) some similar ones! I’ve been happy to find a church I enjoy going to every week and I have only missed if I’ve been out of town!

  3. A grocery budget is probably the biggest challenge for me, especially with a Whole Foods so close to me :/ And I reaaaallllyyy want to run that Turkey Trot…I need to register!

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