Two Month Marriage Anniversary

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day! There were literally zero clouds in the sky. It was a really long week,but the beautiful day on Friday reminded me that I made it though the week. Yesterday was also mine and Rich’s two month marriage anniversary! Yes, I know it’s cheesy but we’re celebrating every month. Why? Because we can!


Our original plan was to go out to dinner, but after a long week I was ready to just go home and chill. After work, I came home to amazing contemporary American inspired bacon burgers for dinner. Rich had the day off, so he made dinner for our two month anniversary. I made the cocktails! 🙂


For dessert, we made s’mores in our fireplace! My absolute favorite. 🙂


This weekend is going to be a relaxing one. Tonight, we’re going to dinner with friends but other than that there’s not much going on besides the usual.

This morning, we pulled the trigger and signed up for our swim club! I’m really excited to start something new and work towards a goal with my husband. I’m honestly really nervous, but I’m feeling good about this feeling because this is exactly how I felt when I signed up for my first race. I also purchased a new suit, cap and goggles online. What do you think?


17 responses to “Two Month Marriage Anniversary

  1. keys to swimming 1 – don’t get wet 2 – SPEEDO OPTIONAL

  2. Happy two month anniversary

  3. Happy anniversary! And have fun swimming!!

  4. Aww happy two months! You should celebrate every month…why not right?

  5. So cool! When does swim club start?

    Love that you are celebrating every mo!

  6. Celebrate early and often! Swim club, how fun, and great you get to do it together.

  7. Happy belated two month anniversary!

    I really want to join a swim club (eventually), I can’t wait to hear about it!

  8. Your fireplace looks super cozy … I love the afgan and the stick to put the marshmallows on:)… and it that beer that I see with smores:) looks perfect to me:) Happy 2 months:)

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