Real Food at a Restaurant

Last night, my husband and I had tickets to see Fun. downtown. Since the concert was at 7:00pm, the plan was for him to pick me up at work and we would grab dinner before the show. Of course, we wanted to stick to the 100 Days of Real Food 10 Day Pledge!

All week, we constantly were shooting ideas back and forth about this dinner. Going into the challenge, I knew that this night was going to be one of the most difficult nights to stay within the parameters of the challenge. So, I
was determined to find a place that we could enjoy with ease. Before even starting the challenge, I did my research and on the 100 Days of Real Food website, she lists the following suggestions.

-Fish or shellfish
-Potatoes, beans, or brown rice
-Vegetable side dishes or combination plates
-Egg dishes
-Sushi with brown rice

Immediately, my goal was to find a sushi restaurant that served brown rice. Online, I found a few but none that were close to the venue. So, my awesome husband did his research and came up with many options. On Wednesday, we decided on Indie Burger. The catch? We would bring our own whole wheat buns. (we decided this after calling ahead and the restaurant suggesting it)

Flash forward to Thursday night and rush hour traffic happened. So, I hopped on Yelp and did a search for the closest sushi restaurants to the venue. I would call as many as it would take to find brown rice sushi! Luckily,
the first place I called that was 0.1 miles from the venue said they had brown rice sushi! So, we were off to Agami!


When we sat down, we decided on our plan of attack-simple rolls with brown rice substituted for white. We settled on a tuna maki, yellowtail with scallion maki, Philadelphia maki, blue crab maki and two pieces of super white tuna sashimi to split.

We ordered two miso soups and edamame to start and then put in the rest of our order. Once we completed our order, the waiter informed us that they did not have brown rice but they did have black rice and it was $1 per roll up charge. We said yes, and I did a quick search on my phone to make sure black rice was whole grain. Thankfully, it is and is apparently the new health food craze for sushi!

We enjoyed our soup and edamame but I think the best feeling was the success of being able to eat 100% all natural at a restaurant. One takeaway I had from this experience was the overwhelming abundance of processed foods in American restaurants. They are almost impossible to avoid!


Another takeaway I learned from this experience is that you can eat all natural if you do your research. As opposed to most things I research, I found that the best way to see what’s in your food is to to straight to the source and call. It’s really easy to see who will work with you and who won’t.


After dinner, we enjoyed the concert all the way from the back row of the Riviera Theatre. It was a blast but the atmosphere definitely made us feel old. Lucky for us, the concert let out early and we were home by 11:00pm. Still late for a school night, but great news for our old bones!

I am really happy that we were able to enjoy a night out while still sticking to our challenge. Today is day five and I am staying strong so far. This weekend, I plan on making a lot of homemade meals at home and am attempting at whole wheat brownies made with maple syrup instead of sugar. Surprisingly, I haven’t had too many sugar cravings but after a long work week a little treat sounds perfect. If they turn out, I will definitely be sharing the recipe next week!

Happy Friday! My weekend plans are lots of rest, relaxation and organization. Also, prepping for my Dad and Aunt to visit next week! And of course, kicking my cold to the curb.

Have you ever had to research a restaurant to avoid certain foods? Any tips and tricks? Any fun plans for the weekend? I would love to hear!


3 responses to “Real Food at a Restaurant

  1. Sounds like a great night! I am craving sushi now!

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