Weekend Eats

I’m not ashamed to admit that as of about twenty minutes ago, I haven’t left the house in 48 hours. After a long work week with an awful cold, once Friday hit I knew that I needed to give my body rest. So that’s what I did.

Although it’s usually hard for me to sit still, this weekend I really enjoyed being at home. I did a lot of cleaning, catching up on DVR-ing, organizing and cooking! Lots and lots of cooking.


Friday night, I made my comfort food- my Mom’s mushroom soup (top left) and mashed potatoes from scratch,  Saturday morning I substituted Whole Wheat flour in my go-to pancake recipe to make Whole Wheat pancakes (top right), Saturday night I tried How Sweet Eats‘s Roasted Butternut Baked Penne (and it was absolutely amazing and even better today!), Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Brownies (bottom left) and finally tried an easy new, Crockpot Honey Apple Pork Loin recipe that will definitely be one of my new go-to Sunday recipes!

Listening to my body always pays off. After this weekend, I am finally feeling about 98% better! I think after another full night’s sleep I’ll be back to 100%. Now, I’m off to enjoy The Campaign with my hubby and soak up the last few hours of rest.

2 responses to “Weekend Eats

  1. Yummm!! All of that sounds fantastic!

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