Monday Motivation

“Being happy can be hard work sometimes. It is like maintaining a nice home – you’ve got to hang on to your treasures and throw out the garbage. Being happy requires looking for good things. One person sees the beautiful view and the other sees the dirty window. You choose what you see and you choose what you think.” – Andrew Matthews

After a weekend of doing nothing but relaxing, organizing my home and mentally refreshing, I’m feeling pretty darn good! I’m looking forward to a two and a half day week, a visit from family and a long weekend. Life is good.

2 responses to “Monday Motivation

  1. Thats a really great quote. Its so true, people chose to see things as glass half empty or glass half full. Im more of the Eeyore kinda person, just always doom and gloom. Not like depressed, byt I just never expect much you know? But what a great quote and reminder, it really makes me want to take on this Monday!

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