Real Food Search for Ice Cream

After completing the 100 Days of Real Food 10 Day Pledge last week, my husband I noticed that we were feeling many benefits. We really noticed these benefits when we felt absolutely awful after eating whatever we wanted on Thanksgiving. And the next day.

So, it became very clear that we wanted to try to eat as clean as possible as much as we could. The other day, when we went grocery shopping and wanted to buy some ice cream. This proved to be a lot more challenging than expected! We spent about 20 minutes (no joke) looking at labels before we found one we felt comfortable buying.

The first ice cream we picked up was Edy’s Slow Churned ice cream. With a mile long ingredient list, we were horrified and immediately put it back.

Next up, we looked at Roundy’s house brand ice cream which had an even longer ingredient list. This went back even faster than the first.

Third, we looked at Ben & Jerry’s. A little better, but still too many preservatives to warrant buying.

Finally, we had a winner! With only five ingredients (skim milk, cream, sugar, egg yolks and vanilla extract) in the vanilla ice cream, Haagen Dazs this was the only brand we felt comfortable purchasing. It was a lot of work and a little more expensive. However, one thing we learned from the challenge is how much more satisfying natural foods are. So, even though this ice cream was more expensive, it would be more satisfying and therefore we wouldn’t want to eat more than one serving.

Even though the real food challenge is over, I still want to continue to work towards eating as clean as possible and even though I know it will me more effort for awhile, the benefits are worth it. Hopefully after awhile this way of living will become a habit and will seem second nature. Only time will tell!


5 responses to “Real Food Search for Ice Cream

  1. Nice! I usually choose haagen daaz too, becasue of their small ingredient list. That or the whole fruit popsicles that are just juice and fruit 🙂

  2. It’s absolutely crazy how something as simple as ice cream can be turned into a preservative nightmare. It truly makes me sad for our food culture. I hope more people start paying attention to labels and demanding real food!

  3. Vanilla bean Haagen Daaz is my favourite! Good to know its one of the better ones, now I feel a little less guilty about eating ice cream!

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