Elf 4 Health Challenge Update

This week kicked off the Elf 4 Health challenge and I am really loving it so far! I love the variety of challenges and my Elf buddy Michelle has been a great support. I think this challenge is going to be a great way for me to be held accountable as I go through the Holiday season.

Monday’s challenge was to go meatless for the day. I rocked it!


Tuesday’s challenge was to send a handwritten letter to a friend. This challenge really inspired me to get in touch with the people I always want to talk to but always run out of time to do so. I sent a belated Birthday card to my friend Denise, wrote my husband a little note for his lunch, e-mailed a family friend who recently lost her son to check in and called my Mom’s best friend Pat to say hi! I always find such comfort in talking to her but we have such trouble finding time to talk. I’m so glad we did! (hi Pat!)


Wednesday’s challenge was to try a new workout. I went to a new to me yoga class and brought my husband along to join. It was his first time trying yoga and he seemed to really love it! When I asked him what he thought of the class he said, “it was AWESOME!” I loved it too! I’m so glad I’ve brought yoga back into my life this week.


Today’s challenge was to wake up 15 minutes early and meditate. Even though I slept in, I did a guided meditation from my Meditation Oasis app on my commute to work. It was a good start to my day!

Tomorrow’s challenge is to eat a variety of colors throughout the day and the weekend challenge is to clean out your clothes and donate ones you do not wear. I definitely think these are both doable!


5 responses to “Elf 4 Health Challenge Update

  1. Meatless I’d have no problem with 😉 I like the color variety idea!!

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