My First WIAW


Today I’m not really in the mood for writing, but I had a lot of photos of my eats yesterday. I love reading everyone’s WIAW and looking at the link up on Peas and Crayons. So, I thought it was a perfect day for my first WIAW!


Yesterday was a rough day for me and I’m not ashamed to admit that. I decided to work from home so I could be more productive and not have to put up a front all day. In the morning, I took advantage of this and made myself a hot breakfast. A whole wheat bagel thin with a little butter and two over easy eggs. Perfectly comforting!


I also drank three cups of coffee. My fuel.


After lunch, which was a bowl of soup, my hubby stopped by on his lunch with a little mid-day treat. He knows the key to my heart and the cure for what ales me. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with treats in moderation! Plus, on really rough days I don’t count calories and give my body (and mind) what it craves.


With dinner, I fixed up a salad with homemade dressing! This was yesterday’s Elf for Health challenge and I rocked it! I make my own dressing all the time so this was an easy one for me. This one had olive oil, balsamic, a little maple syrup, dijon mustard and salt & pepper. Easy and delicious!


Tofu stir fry is something we have a lot. This is one of Rich’s favorite meals that I make which is a big deal considering he’s a meat and potatoes type of guy. The secret’s in the Soy Vay sauce!

And that red velvet cake? I saved it for after dinner. Worth. Ever. Calorie. That and watching the Mindy Project? A pretty good end to a crappy day. That and thinking about all the texts, calls and hugs I received yesterday. I’m a very lucky lady!


2 responses to “My First WIAW

  1. Welcome to WIAW!! It’s so much fun and I hope you come back next week 🙂

    That stir-fry looks good. I love all the different veggie combos that you can make. And oh! that cake looks marvelous too. But then again, when does cake not look marvelous?

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