Getting in the Spirit

It’s official, we’re ready for the Christmas season! Last night Rich and I put up our Christmas tree and decorated for the season!


I always love hanging ornaments because each one tells a story. Last year, we gathered up our childhood ornaments and it was fun again this year to look through them as we hung them on the tree.


In addition to the decorations, we’ve been doing a few things to get in the spirit this season. As always, I hung an Advent calendar last week to countdown to Christmas. (or, an excuse to have chocolate every day!)


Every night, we’ve been reading from our Little Blue Book of Advent. We picked up our book at church last week and have enjoyed spending a few minutes together reading the passages. It really helps us stay connected to the reason for the season and I love that we read it together!


This year, we’re trying something new. After reading about Tina’s 24 days of togetherness, I quickly jumped on board. Last weekend I picked up a cute Christmas Chinese food container and tags from the craft store and Rich and I sat down and each wrote 12 things to do together. We tried to write things that weren’t very time consuming, did not cost money and aren’t something we do every day. So far, these things have included calling a family member we’ve been meaning to call, having a night cap together and reading together at night instead of TV. I’m really enjoying it!

Tonight we have Rich’s company holiday party and before that I’m running all our weekend errands and getting my hair done. It should be a good day!

What are your plans for the weekend? Have you put your decorations up yet? Any new traditions you’re starting this year? I would love to hear about them!


8 responses to “Getting in the Spirit

  1. making chicken soup, watching the mich bball game, church, bowling n I do have some xmas stuff up started doing it this morning. what say u

  2. I love your tree!!
    We put ours up last weekend. This weekend we spent with the hubby’s parents and did a wee little bit of Christmas shopping. We need to get on it though!!

  3. Katie, thank you for your comments on my blog! You’re a “no-reply” commenter, so I couldn’t respond directly via email to your comments. Hope you were able to complete last week’s challenges…even no make-up friday 🙂 I think this week’s challenges are much more “do-able!” I am just worried about next week since I’ll be disconnected and going out of the country.

    And I like the Great Lakes Christmas Ale too! Definitely spicy and “christmasy!”

  4. Yay! Love that you have the decorations off! And that 24 days of togetherness sounds so cool!

    I started to get some decorations out this weekend! I won’t be going full out since we will be in IA for the holiday 😉

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